Why do Men don’t like Marrying City Gals?


I have been wandering this for a long time and I decided to write an article about it. I discover that men in this 21st century don’t like marrying women from the city reasons observed by me.


So I decided to write them down and hope you drop your own comments bellow if you notice it too or want to add to the article.

Why do men leave the many women they met in the city for those girls in the village that turns their heads on.

Although there may be individual differences, one or two of the reasons below would not be far-fetched.

1. To evade their mess of yesteryear’s
In truth, some of these men who go back home to marry had in the past, done one or more things that may have brought them to disrepute abroad. They make advances to women, use and dump them for reasons best known to them. These girls may have in one way or the other known to a very large extent, the men’s shortcomings. So to evade the mess, they go far away home to get a wife.

2. Cover up their shortcomings

Thus, in order to cover up these messes alongside other shortcomings, they go back home to pick a wife because the women who are already in the City can tell where these men stand on the social and economic radar. They do not want someone who will continually look down on them for whatever reasons. They want someone who will always look up to them so that the ego will continue to stand tall. This makes them appear more than what and who they really are.

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3. They have all it takes

For some men, they believe they have all it takes to go back home to pick a wife, especially based on their financial status. They believe that with their money, they can get any girl of their choices once they get back home to search for wife.

4. Some Women back home are untouched

You know why I said some Women. Other men go home to marry because, as some have stated, “many girls in the City are rotten, too exposed, too independent and/or too aggressive.” Men believe girls back home are still virgins and saints as compared to the ones in the City.

5. Touch of class

There are also some men who believe that when they go back home to marry, their financial resources are valued more. They want that status when the girl of their choice goes about telling friends and family that her man is based in the City. The girls may not mind whether they had boyfriends before the marriage proposals. It’s all in the name of “City Guy” Some of these men are the ones who go home, marry the girl and zoom off back to the City. They would want to be visiting the village to see the re-virginated wife simply to retain that status of coming from the City.

6. To be in full control

Some of these men want to be in full control of the home they dream of building. Once they have the finances, they believe they are in control. This is one of the reasons they do not like to marry Nigerians in the country they reside because the girls (not all) are solely independent. And if they are independent, the possibility of having a full grasp of them is very slim.

7. For the nursing degree, and the money

The major reason why Men always want to go back home to marry from the Village is the pursuit for nursing degree. A bulk of those who go back home to marry, if you check very well, they married or are going to marry those who graduated or will graduate as nurses from any university or nursing colleges. Their belief is that once these girls get over to the City, they have better chances of immediately passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Once this is possible, these set of men at the initial stages of the girl’s remunerations, are in control of her financial until she’s wise enough to pull out.

The question is, when these men finish with the girls in the City and go back home to pick their wives, who are they leaving the girls for? An average Akata is not ready to marry neither do they want to marry Akata. The girls eventually end up not getting married out of fear or being too busy making money not to talk of having a man’s time. Some others when they become of age (say 40 years), desperately want to just have a child for anybody at least. Who do you blame?

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